Mitchell Reginald
Mitchell Reginald

November 1, 2011, Room WEB L105
Making “Clean Coal” a Reality,
Reginald E. Mitchell,
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department,
Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Thomas W. Peterson
Thomas W. Peterson

January 31*, 2012, Room WEB L104
Can Basic Research Really Stimulate Innovation,
Thomas W. Peterson,
Assistant Director – Engineering Directorate,
National Science Foundation,Washington, DC

* Note: Original date changed.

Alexis T. Bell
Alexis T. Bell

February 21, 2012, Room WEB L104
Identifying How Composition and Structure Define the Activity and Selectivity of a Catalyst,
Alexis T. Bell,
Dow Professor of Sustainable Chemistry,
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering,
University of California, Berkeley, CA

Robert K. Prudhomme
Robert K. Prudhomme

March 27, 2012, Room WEB L104
Facile Production of Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Difficult to Deliver Therapeutics:  Hydrophobic drugs, peptides, and SiRNA,
Robert K. Prud’homme,
Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering,
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ