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Projects Lab

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The Projects Lab offers our students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with state-of-the-art processing and analytical equipment.


The Projects Laboratory has a key role in promoting practical and hands-on education throughout the undergraduate careers of chemical engineering students at the University of Utah. For our freshmen, this laboratory accommodates CH EN 1705, Chemical Engineering Design & Innovation.  Courses such as CH EN 3853, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, use the lab to allow students to develop a practical understanding of complex theory.  Finally, our seniors cap their coursework with the Projects Laboratory two-semester sequence, CH EN 4903 and 4905, where they perform large-scale projects, develop creative proposals, and execute their final projects.

The Projects Lab is where students apply their knowledge of theory by conducting experiments, operating production size equipment, and optimizing chemical processes. Our goal is to provide a state-of-the-art environment where students become proficient at both the physical and creative skills needed in the workforce.


The Senior Lab is managed by Bob Cox. Working with the Chemical Engineering Faculty, Bob ensures the Lab will offer students excellent training to prepare them for careers in Chemical Engineering.

Professors Butterfield, Rhoner, and Ring teach the senior laboratory courses, and Professors Butterfield and Trujillo teach the freshmen design laboratory.


The operation of the Senior Lab would not be possible without the generous donations from sponsors. See this page for details on how you can become a supporter of our program. The Chemical Engineering Department thanks the following people and organizations for their support.

Facilities & Equipment:

The Projects Lab has a wide range of state-of-the-art training equipment for a variety of chemical processes. The lab is continually changing and being updated as chemical process technology advances. A list of each piece of equipment and related details may be found here.

Projects Lab

Currently, the lab houses numerous experiments involving heat transfer, fluid flow, chemical processes, computer control, separations and others, along with a wide range of analytical equipment.


A safe working environment for students, faculty, and visitors in the Projects Lab is of the utmost concern. Please review our safety material before you enter the projects laboratory.

Also, for each piece of equipment in the Projects Lab the standard operating procedure should be read and understood to assure safe and proper use. A list of each piece of equipment may be found here, and most all have a link to their respective standard operating procedures.

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